Buys and sells houses in the JACKSONVILLE, FL market and surrounding areas using our proven strategies for finding off market investment properties at deeply DISCOUNTED prices…

Sometimes we buy the houses, fix up, and resell or hold for a period of time to maximize profit potential.

We use private funds from investors like you to purchase, repair, and maintain the properties until they are resold.

We get to know each other and discuss your investment needs. What fixed interest rate do you desire? How much do you want to invest? What duration (short term or long term) do you want your investment earning the agreed upon interest rate?
Once we understand your investment needs, we begin looking for an investment that fits your criteria. We will contact you when we find one that we think you will like. We’ll discuss the details, then you can decide if you want to pass or play. If you decide to pass, no worries, we’ll give the opportunity to another investor and contact you with the next one.
If you decide to play, we’ll tell you how much is needed, when and where to wire the funds or send certified funds to escrow. Your investment funds will always go directly into the Title Company’s escrow fund, never passed through us. If for some reason the transaction doesn’t close, the Title Company sends the entire amount back to your account.

You, the investor, fund the purchase and the repair cost. You will receive:

  • A real estate investment opportunity in the Jacksonville, FL market without needing to be a real estate expert.
  • Property details that meet your investment criteria
  • Fixed rates of return up to 10 times the current CD rates.
  • A Noble Property Solutions, Inc. Real Estate Investment Security Package on each investment.
  • Contractor protection, repair funds are held in escrow until repairs are completed
  • 100% of the funds you invest accumulating interest. There are never any fees or commissions to pay.
  • Monthly interest only payments or you can maximize your investment returns by letting interest accrue.
  • Confidence knowing the details and recording are correct. We close with a respected Title Company.
The Title Company will disburse the funds to purchase the property and pay off any existing liens or judgements to ensure clear title. They will withhold any remaining funds in escrow to repair the property. When the phases of the repair project are completed (roof replacement, electrical, plumbing, paint, flooring etc.) they will disburse the funds directly to the appropriate contractor.
When the project is complete, we will market the property for sale or hold the property for a period of time to maximize profit potential depending on our agreement and your investment needs.
When the property is sold, you will receive your initial investment plus any agreed upon interest accumulated during the investment period. The Title Company will wire the funds or send a certified check back to your investment account at closing.
Then we can do it all over again per your investment requirements.
This is the process for short term opportunity– medium to high investment.
We have processes for:
  • Short term opportunity – small investment
  • Short term opportunity- medium to large investment
  • Long term opportunity– small investment
  • Long term opportunity– medium to large investment
  • Discounted investment property purchase/acquisition opportunity for long term cash flow and appreciation.

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